Breathe-Mate mouth piece: 1 Pack

Breathe-Mate mouth piece fits in your mouth in front of your teeth just inside the lips. Made of soft surgical grade plastic, this mouth piece has pegs extending to the inside and outside of the mouth piece. The lips rest comfortably on the outside pegs, while the teeth rest on the inside pegs. This mouth piece is very comfortable and has been found to be very effective in helping air move through the nose and reducing dry mouth, heartburn and acid reflux. If you suffer from heartburn, this is how it works! Clinical tests have shown that the device helps to distribute particles of saliva from the mouth, through the throat, into the stomach. Therefore saliva protects our teeth, mouth, lips, and esophagus. This is natures way of combating acids and is faster and longer lasting than using ant-acid drugs. Recommended to be used with Snorenomore-Max Air for Restful Sleep. Also a tremendous little product to take with you when you travel on long international flights. No more embarrassing moments with open, dry mouth, and you become a silent sleeper. Re-program your natural involuntary nasal breathing with Breathe-Mate and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality and a feeling of confidence and well-being. Mouth pieces can be used economically by simply washing after each use in light detergent or sterilizing agent, the unit should many months of good service.
Breathe-Mate mouth piece: 1 Pack
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