Personal Nasal Filters: Children 3 Pack

Personal Nasal Filters contains personal HEPA air purifiers of activated carbon/cellulose HEPA filters in medical grade plastic breathable cups we call nasal units, help you to Breathe Right and are practical personal for your breathing allergy relief, and protection from allergens, asthma sinus, carbon monoxide exhaust fumes, second hand smoke casinos, passive smoke bars, avoid coal dust, COPD, chemical vapors, heavy metals, VOCs and Allergens whilst boosting your immune system. Personal Nasal Filters protect you from the same airborne dust pollutants as Personal Pollen filters Plus added protection. Re-program your natural involuntary nasal breathing with Personal Nasal Filters and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality and a feeling of confidence and well-being. Clean unit with sterile wipes between use.
Personal Nasal  Filters: Children 3 Pack
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